Introspective Systems Introduces Unlimited Vacation Policy for Employees

February 12th, 2020

Portland Maine, February 12, 2020 — Introspective Systems announced today that as part of its commitment to creating a proactive, employee-centered work environment for its employees, the company had adopted an unlimited vacation policy effective immediately.

Susan Ruhlin, Vice President of Operations, said that the company had been considering it for about a year and decided to make it official this week as the company anticipates multiple job openings over the next few months.

“We’re in the software business, which means that we’re in the people business,” said Ruhlin, “we wanted to show our team and potential future employees that we care about them holistically.”

The Company, which specializes in the power industry including utility controls, microgrid controllers, and edge device software, is one of only a few in Maine to offer unlimited vacation time. Introspective Systems’ full benefits package includes paid sick, volunteer, personal, and holiday time along with health, dental, and vision insurance. Additionally, they provide paid parking and flexible work schedules along with other perks.

“We want to be a progressive company in everything we do, so we need to attract talent that shares our core values,” said Kay Aikin, CEO. “We think that investing in the wellbeing of our current and future employees is the key to our success.”


About Introspective Systems

Introspective Systems is a leading technology company headquartered in Portland, Maine. Using our patented xGraph software, we can distribute intelligence to the edge of the grid, enabling better operational management of distributed energy resources. Our solutions optimize grid performance, which leads to better efficiency, improved resiliency, and lower costs to consumers. The AI-driven algorithms in our microgrid controls, gateways, and edge devices, are transforming the energy marketplace to power a people-centered grid for a cleaner, greener future. For more information, visit Introspective