Introspective Systems’ Kay Aikin to Speak at IEEE’s Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference in Washington, DC

February 1st, 2018

Event scheduled for Feb. 19-22 in Washington, DC to focus on technology to support transactive energy pricing for microgrids

PORTLAND, ME – February 1, 2018 – Introspective Systems, LLC’s CEO Kay Aikin is scheduled to speak at IEEE’s Innovative Smart Grid Technologies conference on Feb. 21, 2018. She is a panelist for the Road to a Transactive Energy World session, which will discuss the issues and opportunities in better managing distributed energy sources. Introspective Systems develops xGraph, a collaborative AI platform designed to manage complex and data-intensive processes such as the energy grid.

Aikin will share details on two microgrid projects where Introspective Systems’ xGraph technology is redefining distributed energy management:

  • As a platform to model and optimize business cases for real-time locational pricing in a community-scale microgrid.
  • As part of an integrated solution for a transactive energy system on a campus microgrid.

“The Introspective Systems xGraph technology is designed to handle complex problems with high volumes of disparate data that require real-time, autonomous decision-making,” says Kay Aikin, CEO, Introspective Systems. “I’m eager to participate in this much-needed discussion about how to build transactive energy systems.”

Introspective Systems has received a grant from the Department of Energy to develop a new architecture for grid modernization that improves resiliency, reliability, and security. Using a fully distributed edge-control method, Introspective Systems’ approach develops pricing signals that predict future conditions and continuously calculate costs in real-time. This will enable the grid to autonomously create different prices at varying scales while balancing energy demand, lowering peak demand, and managing grid congestion.

Unique among microgrid approaches, the Introspective System project uses artificial intelligence to minimize cyber-vulnerability by limiting the scope and direction of information transmitted via the grid.

About Introspective Systems, LLC

Introspective Systems is the developer of xGraph, a collaborative AI platform that helps developers solve complex modern computing problems. It is designed to tackle critical issues defined by massive amounts of streaming data, interconnected systems, and the need for instantaneous decision-making such as managing robot swarms, self-driving vehicles, and complex energy grids. xGraph combines edge computing with distributed micro-services to speed processing time while enabling autonomous and collaborative decision-making. Current applications include managing an IoT-based electrical micro-grid, locating earthquakes worldwide, and playing the game StarCraft II to advance collaborative AI. Learn more at