Introspective Systems’ xGraph Collaborative AI Platform at Forrester NewTech Forum

December 1st, 2017

The intersection of AI and IoT technology is one of the topics at Forrester’s New Tech Forum 2017 set for December 6, and Introspective Systems will be at the center. Its xGraph platform is one of the 18 startups to be featured at this annual event that looks into the year ahead to discuss key trends, concepts, and technologies that will shape the digital enterprise.
“With the growth in complexity of digital problems, we believe that collaborative AI with computing on the edge is the way of the future,” says Kay Aikin, CEO of Introspective Systems. “The time is right for our xGraph platform, which is designed for the complex challenges posed by AI and the IoT.”
xGraph is an executable graph framework for intelligent and collaborative edge computing that solves big problems: those that have massive decision spaces, tons of data, are highly distributed, dynamically reconfigure, and need instantaneous decision-making. It’s developed by Portland, ME startup Introspective Systems, led by Kay Aikin and Caryl Johnson.
Many analysts believe that the greatest problem with big analytics and especially the Internet of Things has been the application layer. This application layer is the process that specific devices communicate and accomplish specific tasks. Many industry players have each created their own application layer, including Apple, Google, and Amazon. Others, such as Microsoft with its Azure IoT Suite, have built platform layers that combine multiple technologies with design patterns including hubs and gateways, analytics, storage, web interfaces and data visualization. This creates an environment where there are multiple standards, proprietary layers, and multiple technologies for developers.
Introspective Systems deals with this challenge by using xGraph, which is a distributed and adaptive code and data network in solving complex, real-time, highly dynamic systems-of-systems problems.
The company will share insight on its development, applications, and technology at the Forrester event.