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Get the Most Out of Your Renewable Energy Investment

FlexDR Responds to Grid Changes and Adjusts to YOUR Building’s Needs

Our machine learning algorithms respond in real time to fluctuating energy loads, so you don’t experience large changes in energy prices throughout the year. You’ll receive recommendations on when to use more energy – like charging electric vehicles – and when to delay. You remain fully in control of your energy usage.

What is FlexDR technology?

Dynamic Value Based on Simple Market Principles

Our flexible Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) technology uses machine learning to balance loads and improve the performance of your building’s renewable energy.

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Do You Need Building or Microgrid Solutions?



Interacts with utility to optimize power usage.



Combines energy generation, storage, and load balancing as one unit that connects to the grid.

FlexDR – Renewable Energy Done Right 

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A flexible and scalable platform, so you expand your system as needed. 

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Grid intelligence that is safe and secure, and keeps you in control of your devices.

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Cost effective

Our market-based algorithm optimizes usage based on energy costs, saving you money.

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Connect to the Grid of the Future and Get More Out of Your Renewable Energy

Connect to the Grid of the Future and Get More Out of Your Renewable Energy