What is Innovation?

True innovation needs to have a critical seed – it comes from the freedom to be curious and the desire to expand human knowledge to solve the significant challenges that affect us. These can be local, that change our immediate communities, or global – affecting the world and how we interact with it.

As people, we must think “Beyond the Edge of Envelopes”. This means thinking not just beyond the edges of envelopes that others define for us, but beyond the edge of our own, because everyone has a different envelope. By doing so, we can be innovators and contribute to the solutions the world needs. 

Dynamic Grid has a history of innovation “beyond the edge of envelopes”. The company’s founders Dr. Caryl Johnson and Kay Aikin have spent their careers tackling the toughest challenges in science and engineering, from seismology to the electrical grid.

How FlexDR is Different From Other Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems

Dynamic Grid’s DERMS is designed to be secure by architecture and scalable. While other DERMS focus on control of the utility assets, distributed generation or in a few cases direct control of grid-flexible devices like heat pumps and EV chargers, FlexDR keeps control in the hands of the consumer, creating a system that is more scalable, flexible, cybersecure and consumer centric. 

It Starts With a Big Idea – A Decentralized, Decarbonized Energy Grid 

An ecosystem of energy that benefits all 

The electric grid was designed as a machine, but as our world has come to rely more and more on electricity, this top-down approach to electricity generation and distribution is no longer sustainable. Instead of centralized measurement, monitoring, and control, the electric grid of the future needs to operate as an ecosystem – with multiple autonomous systems that balance each other out in a harmonious system. 

Everybody wins with a decentralized grid. Renewable energy goals become attainable in a matter of years, instead of decades. Decentralization creates a healthy competitive field for vendors, as well as cost stabilization and savings for consumers. 

Dynamic Grid’s solutions are contributing to a decentralized electric grid by creating flexible, scalable, and cybersecure DERMS solutions that accelerate clean energy initiatives. 

Are we ready?

The Future is Now – How We’re Contributing to a Decarbonized Future

  • Utility Use Case

    A New England utility was challenged by constrained capacity on a substation and limited ability to integrate new electrification projects. Using FlexDR, this utility was able to balance supply and demand without sinking money into costly upgrades. Microgrids, GEBs, and devices became proactive agents that shift, shed, and shape the load in real time, therefore…

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  • Campus Use Case

    An eco-resort was plagued by power outages and high electricity costs. They needed a decentralized solution, because of the limited land and the distribution of buildings on the land. Newly installed solar generation and storage was controlled by FlexDR, allowing the resort to optimize their energy use and dramatically cut costs…. Read More >

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