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A Decentralized Grid That Distributes Renewable Energy to All

The growth of renewable energy means that we are not just passive consumers of energy – our roofs and properties are directly contributing energy to the grid. We need new ways to manage the decentralized electric grid that formalizes the two-way flow of energy and balances supply and demand.  

How is a Decentralized Grid Similar to a Natural Ecosystem?

The Natural EcosystemThe Grid of the Future
Species diversityDiversity in grid-connected devices
DNA-driven brainsDistributed intelligence
Eat or be eatenSimple market constructs
Natural selection creates population stabilityFeedback loop creates grid stability

Natural selection evolution
Continuous improvement drives grid adaptability and resilience

Beneficial Electrification Cannot Move Forward Without Improving Our Electrical Grid

The Grid of the Past

The Grid of the Past

  • Inflexible 
  • Regulated monopoly sets costs
  • Price is not subject to demand 
  • One way
  • Central decision making only
The Grid of the Future 

The Grid of the Future 

  • Consumer maintains control of both supply and demand 
  • Scalable Flexible designs handles multiple sources of energy 
  • Easily accommodates variable loads 
  • Decisions made locally 
  • Optimizes use of existing infrastructure
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Dynamic Grid – A Springboard Towards a Flexible Grid