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Why it Matters

How Do We Get to a Fully Decarbonized Grid by 2035?

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To Avoid Climate Disaster We Need Simple Solutions to Our Complex Problems

Energy Transition Challenges

Although the U.S. has pledged a 100% decarbonized grid by 2035, there’s still a long way to go. 

Beneficial Electrification poses many challenges. Learn about our elegant solutions. 

Energy Storage Challenges

Is it possible to ensure flexible access to power when solar and wind energy is variable? 

Energy storage allows consistent access to renewable energy. Current storage systems are inefficient. 

Learn how Dynamic Grid makes eco-friendly storage cost-effective. 

The Economics Behind FlexDR

The road to a decarbonized grid is complex. 

Learn about how Dynamic Grid applies simple market principles to  machine-learning algorithms that facilitate a flexible, decentralized, and robust grid.