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What should I consider for my energy storage project?

Price is not the only consideration in buying storage

Selecting an Energy Storage System (ESS) for your next renewable energy project either for your residence or your next grid scale utility project doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We are experienced in balancing competing priorities when choosing the equipment in an energy.

There are several factors that much your project’s needs. Those considerations typically break down into the complexity of where it will be uses. Click below for discussions on considerations for the following customer types.


We are software engineers and scientists with a passion for renewable energy.

This passion lead to the creation of leading-edge software applications that include simulation tools for project feasibility, controls technology for storage devices, and AI-enabled optimization for microgrids and edge devices. Whether you are a small community looking to build a microgrid or a homeowner interested in storage, contact us, we’d love to share our knowledge with you!


Resilient energy systems with levelized cost of power for higher ROIs.


Collaborative systems to drive efficiency with our transactive energy software for microgrids and DERs.


Seamlessly implement AI-enabled systems and advanced storage technologies.

Take Control of Your Energy System

Read more about how we use our deep industry knowledge and patented DGC software to simulate performance, degradation, costs, and financial returns and optimize performance for microgrids. Our AI-enabled algorithms provide realtime cost of power data so consumers and utilities can leverage cost savings and implement demand management protocols.

Transactive Energy

Learn more about our unique method of using distribution-level, real-time pricing signals to balance distributed energy resources.

Read the case study

Energy Grids

Learn about how our controls technology powers the Isle au Haut community microgrid.

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Energy Storage System (ESS) technology choices are markedly different for a peak shaving or solar shifting application. Read our Case Study about Independent Levelized Cost of Storage.

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Dynamic Grid Control End-to-End

Energy Consultants

Solve data challenges and create market- leading solutions.


Eliminate the mundane details in creating dynamic complex systems.

Systems Integrators

Focus on creative problem solving, not software plumbing.


Streamline code development and maintainence.

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