Innovations Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition

Advanced Distribution Controls

Dynamic Grid coordinates distributed energy resources and flexible loads into one cybersecure, cost-effective, and scalable system.

  • Advanced Distributed Energy Resource Management System (aDERMS) that keeps customers protected and in control of their energy usage 
  • Solutions for utilities, buildings, and microgrids

Are We Ready for Renewable Energy?

The U.N. wants emissions to be reduced by almost half by 2030 and reach net-zero by 20501 to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Joe Biden pledged 100% “clean electricity” by 20352.

We have a long way to go. The following challenges are getting in the way of clean energy initiatives: 

  • Today’s electrical grid is not equipped to handle the growth in demand from EV charging or space heating and cooling.
  • Current solutions for electric energy storage are inefficient and expensive.
  • Trying to balance renewable energy production with peak energy consumption is difficult (the duck curve).
Are we ready?

Dynamic Grid – The Missing Piece of the Renewable Energy Puzzle

Energy Controls

Intelligent and Secure

aDERMS (Advanced Distributed Energy Resource Management) is powered by machine learning (Artificial Intelligence AI) to improve the performance and utilization of distribution infrastructure. 

DERMS solution, Dynamic Grid’s aDERMS coordinates variable loads, DERs, and storage in one cybersecure and cost-effective platform. 

Our algorithms are based on simple market principles, and give customers the power and ability to balance their energy use in response to supply.

aDERMS Solutions on the Distribution System


One supplier for cost-effective operational management.


Combine energy storage, generation, and load management to optimize your energy use.


Manage your costs more effectively with superior demand management.

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