Microgrid FlexDR

Cost Effective Renewable Energy Controls Combined with Storage

Realize your green goals with a microgrid that adjusts to your needs and uses flexible loads to enhance your storage capabilities.

You’ve made the investment in renewable energy, and now it’s time to optimize your energy use for more cost savings. FlexDR gives you the power to manage your renewable energy generation – whether solar or wind – together with storage and load balancing all on one platform.

What is FlexDR?

An ecosystem of AI-driven hardware based on simple market principles and driven by value

Our flexible Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) technology uses machine learning to balance loads and optimize the value of assets on distribution circuits. 


The Infrastructure You Need to Move Your Renewable Energy Initiatives Forward 



Our platform is flexible and scalable, so you never have to switch platforms as you expand.



Grid intelligence that is safe and secure, and keeps you in control of your devices.

cost effective

Cost effective

Our market-based algorithm optimizes usage based on energy costs, saving you money.

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