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Energy Storage Challenges

Clean Energy Cannot Move Forward Without Sustainable Storage

Energy storage is a crucial piece of the renewable energy puzzle and improves the benefits of grid flexibility. Storage allows for an energy grid that’s more resilient and reliable. 

On any given day, the amount of available sunshine and wind is beyond human control. Without energy storage, the grid must rely on fossil fuels to provide backup. 

The problem is that we use most of our electricity when renewable energy production is low. For example, there is no solar energy production in the evening, but this is also when many people come home from work and use electricity – turning up AC, cooking dinner, starting laundry, and charging their electric vehicles. 

Dynamic Grid combines energy storage and grid flexibility to allow renewable energy to provide the same consistent access to power as fossil fuels. 

Most Chemical Batteries are Inefficient, Flammable, and Expensive 

Reliance on chemical batteries, especially lithium-ion, has several drawbacks. 

Most batteries require thermal management 

Most batteries require thermal management 

Most batteries have a narrow working temperature range. This demands energy-intensive cooling and heating to keep units operable.

gallons of water to extract

Millions of gallons of water to extract

One ton of lithium-ion requires 2.2 million gallons of water to extract. This shocking statistic points to only one of the many environmental impacts that are devastating South America and China, where 98% of lithium mining and processing occurs. 

Short lifespan

Short lifespan

Lithium-ion batteries have lifespans of less than ten years in most grid applications. This makes it costly to rely on for stationary grid scale investments. 

Lithium is flammable

Lithium is flammable

Lithium battery thermal runway is a great risk. When a cell short circuits, the resulting fire quickly propagates to other parts of the battery pack. These fires are extremely hard to extinguish.  

There’s a Better Way – WESTs Hybrid Supercapacitor Energy Storage built by Dynamic Grid 

Energy storage that’s scalable, cost-effective, and better for the environment 

Our innovative energy storage systems are safer, have 100% usable capacity, and are made with carbon-based materials that are durable and better for the environment. 

  • 4x less expensive than lithium batteries on a lifetime basis
  • Large thermal operating range (-40℃ to 150℃)
  • Low thermal runway risk
  • 100% usable capacity  
  • Extremely long life – 30,000 cycles
  • Fast charging 
west module

Storage and Controls on One Platform 

Dynamic Grid’s FlexDR platform helps you balance loads and optimize storage 

  • Manages the best times to either store or use energy 
  • Helps lower your overall electricity bill
  • Combines distributed energy resources and storage on one platform
  • Scalable
  • Cybersecure