A Platform for Managing Grid Flexibility and Responsive Energy Storage

Dynamic Grid’s FlexDR system addresses the challenges of integrating distributed energy and energy storage

FlexDR is an advanced DERMS technology powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms. FlexDR gives distribution grids the flexibility to adapt to distributed and renewable energy resources. 

What is FlexDR?

FlexDR provides intelligent controls and storage that allow distribution grids to better integrate renewable energy sources.

FlexDR is an advanced Distributed Energy Resource Management System (aDERMS) that uses basic market principles to respond intelligently and in real time to energy costs. This flexible and scalable solution allows distribution grids to integrate distributed renewable energy sources without burdening the grid.

These are just some of the ways aDERMS moves the needle forward on renewable energy:

  • One platform for managing all energy resources and storage
  • Cyber-secure and scalable 
  • Provides an infrastructure for consumer-generated beneficial electricity to interact with the grid
  • Optimizes energy storage by using machine learning to determine the best times to store or use excess energy

Choose the right FlexDR product for you:



One supplier for cost-effective operational management.



Combine energy generation, storage and load management to optimize your energy use.



Manage your costs  more effectively with superior demand management.

Renewable Energy Storage That’s Actually Green

Hybrid supercapacitor energy storage that minimizes the reliance on toxic, limited lithium resources

Most modern energy storage systems today rely on lithium processed in China and many rare earth minerals in short supply. Not only is the mining process harmful to the environment, but lithium places a burden on supply chains and contributes to systems of social harm. Our energy storage technology uses just ⅕ of the lithium of traditional batteries, is completely modular for scalability, produces no heat, is fast charging, and made from carbon-based materials.