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About Dynamic Grid

The Dynamic Grid team operates like the decentralized grid we’re trying to create – our process for coming up with simple solutions to complex problems is highly collaborative and iterative. Everything that we work on is focused on addressing large-scale real-world problems. 

Kay Aikin 

Co-founder and CEO


Kay Aikin is the CEO of Dynamic Grid, based in Portland Maine. She has spent her career as an energy engineer, architectural designer, and business development executive.

Kay’s cumulative expertise enables her to lead Dynamic Grid in the development of software solutions that must reconcile the conflicting demands of business, engineering, technical, and regulatory requirements.

Kay has spent years working with Dr. Caryl Johnson, studying the application of complex system design in relation to a variety of problems, with a focus on the integration of Distributed Energy Resources into the electrical grid. She is a recognized Transactive Energy expert and is highly sought after for her expertise in Intelligence on the Edge for Optimal Use of Energy Resources. 

Organizations Kay is involved in: 

  • IEEE Power and Energy Society
  • Smart Electric Power Alliance
  • Seismological Society of America
  • Transactive Energy Working Group
  • Building to Grid Working Group
  • Smart Electrical Power Alliance
  • GridWise Architecture Council
  • International Transactive Energy Working Group

Dr. Caryl Johnson – in Memoriam (1946-2019)

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Caryl Johnson was known for her ability to draw beyond the edges of envelopes that others didn’t realize existed. It’s with this instinct for innovation that Caryl founded Dynamic Grid together with partner Kay Aikin.

Caryl received her Ph.D. in geophysics from the California Institute of Technology, and from there developed research and expertise in a wide range of scientific disciplines, including geophysics, volcanology, mathematics, complex systems, machine learning, ecology, and philosophy.  

Caryl passed away in 2019 after her battle with cancer, but her forward thinking and courage to look beyond convention to find solutions to complex problems is what guides Dynamic Grid today, and always.

Keith Lehman 

Chief Technical Officer


Keith is a serial entrepreneur with the unique skill to understand both the technology and the business of solving problems. His life’s work sits at the intersection of energy efficiency, IT, energy management and building automation. He has been involved in the development of multiple products that included the deployment of AI based machine learning and SaaS energy management algorithms and software.

Keith has extensive experience as a systems architect and leading product development teams for multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) energy products, including 17 years in IoT and energy management for companies such as Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) and others. He has a BS in Engineering Science and Mathematics and a BA in Physics from Tufts University.

Alison Harris, Chief Operating Officer 

Alison Harris 

Chief Operating Officer


As COO, Alison is responsible for elevating the company’s financial and operational performance through strategic business and financial decisions. She has extensive experience in sales and marketing for complex businesses in both fast-growing and regulated markets. In addition to a variety of executive and leadership roles, she launched and led a successful marketing agency to provide fractional CMO services for businesses in energy, manufacturing, and technology. Her passion is working with smart people to discover new ways to solve important problems.

How We Started

Dynamic Grid started out as Introspective Systems – a collection of innovative thinkers developing simple solutions to complex problems. 

Seeing the challenges facing beneficial electricity and the urgency to reduce carbon emissions, we created Dynamic Grid to provide cost-effective and scalable solutions for a more sustainable electric grid.

Where We’re Going

We are committed to contributing to a 100% clean energy future. 

We want to see change happen now. That’s why we developed the FlexDR platform and storage to work with existing grid infrastructures and other energy appliances.

How We’re Getting There

Our solutions are guided by simplicity, innovation, and the demand for global change.

We use simple market principles to address the complexity of the distribution grid. 

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