Who we are

Bumper pool, microgrids, and lots of thinking.

At Dynamic Grid we spend a lot of time thinking.

Visit our office on any given day and you’ll likely see our developers engaged in a competitive game of bumper pool. Our walls are decorated with elaborate algorithms and schematic drawings because when we’re not playing pool (okay, even when we are playing pool) we’re always thinking. We think about creating realtime pricing networks, we think about performance-based modeling and simulation for microgrids, we think about improving resiliency for energy systems and, of course, reducing our carbon footprint. All of this thinking led to the creation of our Dynamic Control software which powers everything we do. Come by and meet the team. We’ll shoot some pool, drink some coffee (or a beer), and solve some problems together. We are located in the beautiful Old Port of Portland, Maine.

Our logo and name

The programming concept of introspection is the ability for a program to inspect the code in a system and see object types. Reflection is the ability of a program to make modifications at runtime by making use of introspection. Our xGraph software is both introspective and reflective, hence our name. Rodin’s The Thinker, sitting in a contemplative and introspective position, is, according to one 20th century critic, “the embodiment of both dream and action.” The Thinker represents both our core philosophy and the unique capability of our software.


Interested in working with us?

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